Welcome to My Projects Page!

On this page, you can explore the various projects I've worked on. Whether you're looking for inspiration or considering collaboration, this page reflects the dedication and quality I bring to my work.


Hyderabad Tech Events


Issue Tracker

Tech Stack: Next JS, React JS, Material-UI, Go, PSQL, Vercel, Heroku

  • Developed a GitHub-based system allowing users to securely log in and access their repositories.
  • Users can manage issues, including locking, pinning, and assigning them, and collaborate with others who possess appropriate repository owner permissions.


Tech Stack: Next JS, React JS, Material-UI, Go, PSQL, Vercel, Heroku

  • The project is inspired by the Flipkart e-commerce platform and allows users to log in, browse products, add them to their cart, and purchase them.


Tech Stack: React, React-Query, Zod, React Hook Form, Tailwind CSS, Node.js, Mongoose, MongoDB, Sentry, Vercel, Render

  • A platform that enables connections between developers based on their developer interests, location, and developer role.



Tech Stack: React, TRPC, Zod, Puppeteer, PSQL, Prisma, Cloudflare

  • A tool to create screenshots for any given website URL inspired by Screenshotone

OpenSlido (WIP)

Tech Stack: Next JS, React JS, Tailwind CSS, TRPC, T3 Stack, PSQL, Prisma, Vercel, Neon, Shadcn, Radix

  • An open-source implementation of Slido where you can create event quizzes to interact with your audience.

Open Source Contribution to Mattermost

Tech Stack: React, Redux, SCSS, Jest, Cypress

  • Contributed to the Mattermost project by resolving various small to medium-sized issues, including fixing layout and CSS issues, and implementing new features.
  • Enhancements made to the website improved functionality and enhanced user experience.